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The Newseum is, well, a museum of news and journalism that used to be in Virginia, but less than a month ago reopened on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. after being closed for 6 years. Each day, on their website, they display over 600 front pages of newspapers in PDF format from (currently) 57 countries. It’s a fascinating glimpse into what the world is reporting on any given day. Some cool features: they have a version that lets you see the papers by dragging around a map; there’s an analysis page that gives a short overview of what’s making headlines in the day’s papers without having to scrutinize each PDF; and, there’s an archive that chronicles “events of historical significance.” Careful, you could easily spend hours browsing all of the goodies here without even knowing it!


Ed: For you Mac users out there, someone wrote an awesome Automator script that pulls the front pages from the papers you like and combines them into one PDF. I want a Mac.

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