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I think that my childhood dream of having a robot friend is going to come true very soon. Recently I heard about an R2D2 projector which I pretty much ignored until a friend told me to go and the video of it in action (I mean, an R2D2 projector is an obvious product, can’t get much cooler than that, right? Wrong.) Watch the video. I want one. And of course, R2D2 would get lonely puttering around the house by himself, and C3PO is pretty annoying, so of course I’d have to bring in Ultimate WALL-E to hang out with him. He’s even recently been spotted rolling around city streets and hanging out with people, so I know he’s sociable. I, for one gladly welcome our robot overlords if they’re all as awesome as these guys.


According to Nick Crane, a desire path could be a short cut through waste ground, across the corner of a civic garden or down an embankment. They were expressions of free will, ‘paths with a passion’, an alternative to the structures of railings, fences and walls that turned individuals into powerless apathetic automatons. On desire paths you could break out, explore,’feel your way across the landscape’.”

I think they also prove that people like to take shortcuts :)

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