Every Beard Type.

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Jon Dyer grows a beard every winter, then in the spring he sees how many types of facial hair he can check off from the expanded facial hair type chart. The results are hilarious. Also, in the course of viewing the set, I realized something about myself… apparently beard types have a lot to do with how I perceive a the wearer’s personality. I looked at the same guy a bunch of times and thought he was a complete dork, an evil dictator, a pirate, a soldier, the douchey lead singer of a local rock band and a whole lot of other things, just based on the configuration of his facial hair. Does that make me some sort of beardist? Crap.


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A pirate? An Evil Dictator? That’s AWESOME! If projecting awesome personas is being a beardist, then keep at it.

Thanks for the link and the laugh, man.

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