Grill Tray.

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Here’s one of those products that I can’t really do a better job of describing than its existing description, but which also caught my eye. “Because this tray conducts and retains heat, you’ll find it useful for cooking nachos, fajitas and other dishes on the grill, on the stovetop or in the oven – and then keeping them warm at the table. Or use it for serving chilled dishes: Just refrigerate or freeze the tray before use. Made from a patented aluminum alloy with a pewter-like appearance, it’s hand made at a family-owned Pennsylvania foundry established in 1892. Heatproof to 1000°F. Hand-wash. 16 1⁄2”.

Seems pretty cool (or hot, depending on the circumstance!)


Also… Hello, Melissa Kidonakis! Small world, isn’t it? :)

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