My Beating Heart Fuzzy Styles.

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We covered My Beating Heart back in 2006 and thought that it looked like a pretty sweet product… so much so that my wife bought one for her bed-ridden grandmother. The only real problem I had with the pillow at the time was the price, which was actually understandable because these pillows were made by hand. Recently, a new set of My Beating Heart pillows was released, and these are fuzzy, come in different color accents, multiple sizes, and are a lot less expensive: the larger one is $49.99 and the smaller one is $34.99, down from the original price of $120 for the original version. That’s a much easier pill to swallow. Also, the fabric covering these new pillows is much better this time around, according to my wife. If you wanted one before, now’s a great time to pick these up.


If you haven’t heard the story of Dr. Paul Farmer’s work to bring healthcare to people all over the world, you need to watch this video. He’s really doing some amazing work.

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I got the expensive one for my girlfriend 2 valentines days ago after seeing it here. It was totally worth it. Its something very novel and unique and she couldn’t get over that. She loves it till this day, and says the beating heart helps put her to sleep.

What are you talking about? Between this comment and the last one featuring cat urine, I’m really beginning to wonder about you…. ;)

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