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The Big Picture is a new website from that I’ve found to be a great spin on the way that the news is presented online. Instead of having a page filled with text and tiny images, The Big Picture flips the usual conventions on their head and gives you a large picture that really helps to bring the news story to life.


So sorry that I’ve completely fallen off of the posting wagon lately. I’ve been even busier than usual the last few days, but here I am! Still alive. Here are the other things that I was going to post about, but haven’t gotten the chance to yet:

How to make ice cream cupcakes.

The Pie Gate helps your pies last longer. $6.95.

A hilarious Linkin Park parody.

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Be honest Richard. You were too busy pounding your fists on your desk for having to wait another month for iPhone 2.0 firmware and the 3G iPhone itself. That’s why we’ve been short on posts since Monday =P

Hah! I think you’re confusing what you were looking forward to (the new firmware) with what I was looking forward to (the 3G iPhone).. I’m not the one who had his iPod cable all connected and ready to upgrade his iPhone to 2.0 as soon as it became available on Monday, buddy. ;)

The 3G iPhone not coming out yet? I am quite disappointed about that, you are correct.

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