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Katy Perry.

by Richard

Katy Perry’s getting a lot of buzz these days, and from what I can tell, it’s well deserved. Her first couple of singles: UR So Gay and “I Kissed a Girl” almost pigeonholed her in my book as a girl who only sings about one topic… Much to the contrary, after digging into her new album, I have found that in addition to writing catchy, funny songs, this girl can really sing a ballad and has some real songwriting chops. Heck, she’s even an occasional actress. Singer, writer, actress.. Katy Perry is the complete package.

Her debut album is out today and if you want to give it a listen, there is a week-long listening party going on at right now.

VISIT SITE (warning: plays music after it loads)

Coldplay’s new album: Viva La Vida is also out today.. If you’d like to, you can stream the title track here.

Lastly, as you all know, if I hear some Firefly/Serenity news I have to pass it along here: Apparently Serenity is coming back to a small selection of theatres around the country, and proceeds are going to charity. More details at:

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2 Responses to “Katy Perry.”

  1. Michael Kastler - TechTalk WRLR 98.3FM Says:

    ‘Visit Site’ link seems to be pointing to a wrong place. or just is fine. Extraz tab allows you to stream ‘I kissed a girl’ several others … if UR into that thang.

    You notice how i threw in some pop diva leet speek and tried to not sound the suburban geek white-boi (more!) that I so am? The soul-crushing depths of my social ineptitude have not even begun to have been plumbed … and not ever more apparent than that i am here correcting a bad link to an artist that I cannot stand the bubbleicious sound of.

  2. Richard Says:

    well what do you know, they went and changed the link on me within one day! nice catch.