Prince Wii Racquets.

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Prince, one of the industry leaders in tennis gear released a set of Wii racquets late last year as what I’m calling a “more professsional Wiimote accessory”, and we finally got our hands on a couple of them. They’re the perfect accessory for playing Wii Tennis (or other tennis games for the Wii). You just snap your Wii remote into the handle and swing away! We’ve gotten a chance to play them over the past week or so, and they’re just a whole bunch of fun. The way I see it, if you are going to swing something around while you play virtual tennis, it might as well feel like a real racquet, and these come close. If you’d like to pick one up, you can find them at Circuit City stores and at for $14.99.

Don’t have a Wii? Prince is running a contest and giving away prizes every week, including the aforementioned racquets, a Nintendo Wii to use them with, real racquets, string, posters and more, and you can enter here!


If you’re a Waitable user, you can now text message items and the price you want to pay directly onto your list. I’m especially proud of this bit of code.

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