The Knork.

Useful Things by Richard

Now here’s an aptly named product! The Knork is, as you might expect a knife and a fork combined to make the what some might call the ultimate utensil. Have you ever been eating something and wished that you didn’t have to keep switching between your fork and knife? Sounds like you could use a Knork. Worried about the hazardous implications of sticking a combination knife and fork in your mouth? Apparently you can rest easy, because the Knork isn’t actually sharp, it’s just got a more beveled edge than a normal fork and comes to something of an oxymoronic rounded point so that you can cut more easily through things you might have a bit of difficulty getting through with a mere fork. I’m not much of a knife guy, so anything that helps me cut through things more easily with just a fork is okay in my book. I think that all forks should be made this way by default.


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