NAJA King and PED3.

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I recently got a chance to play with a couple of iPhone/iPod Touch stands from a company called NAJA. The first, named the PED3 (as it is the third in a series of iPod stands that have been coming out for years now) is a stand that is quite reminiscent of the stand that is found on current-generation Apple Cinema Displays (which is to say, it looks fantastic sitting on your desk).

The NAJA King is so named because it resembles a snake, letting you mount/place your device in all sorts of fun and useful positions… it held onto my phone very well in nearly any position that I could find to put it in (I’ve even seen some enterprising NAJA King users make a U shape around their neck with it so that the iPhone is hovering in midair, and that’s pretty sweet.)

Both of these stands feature a holder that lets you rotate the device around a full 360 degrees while still managing to stay exactly where you leave it. This isn’t some cheapo rotation device that only lets you lock it into an arbitrary number of positions that might not fit exactly what you’re trying to do… it will give you every single one of those 360 degrees. The device mounts themselves were the only physical thing that I had a bit of an issue with. Since they form-fit the iPhone very well and lock it into place so well that it’s really not coming out until you want it to come out, if your iPhone has a case on it, chances are pretty good that you won’t be able to use it properly in the stand without removing it from the case (As you might know, I love the Incase Slider Case and it doesn’t really fit very well in here because it adds a few mm of thickness to the phone).

Other than that, I’ve found that these are very solid, durable metal stands that would be very useful to anyone who likes to use their iPhone/iPod for watching long form content, for instance on a plane or just someone who wants a solid stand for their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Each of these stands will run you $39.99 (which I think is kind of expensive for an iPod stand at first glance), but the convenience factor of these things is so high that I’ve got to recommend them.

Naja King and PED3

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