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Wirewize is a new site that aims to help people set up their home theater equipment on their own, by analyzing all of their current devices and recommending the cables and steps that it will take to get everything working… It seems to work best with simple setups (our setup is so complex, including a PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, an LCD, a projector, a receiver, an AppleTV, a full-fledged computer that runs BeyondTV, and more that I generally have to draw it out before I start connecting things, and when I put all of our devices into Wirewize, I just managed to confuse it).

I found that it worked admirably with the types of setups that the target audience for this website will have, with one video device, a dvd player, perhaps a Blu-ray player, a video game console and a surround sound receiver. In this case, I found that the cable recommendations were sound, and the setup wizard worked well. Having your devices in Wirewize also has an added benefit: There are PDF manuals for just about every product you add, so you’ve got an easy one-stop-shop next time you need to look something up in the original manual.


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