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The second revision of the Jawbone Bluetooth headset came out recently, I finally got my hands on one, have used it for a few weeks, and I absolutely love it.

The call quality is clear and it syncs with my iPhone in seconds. The Jawbone’s real claim to fame is its noise canceling technology, which uses a sensor that rests against your face to pick up only your voice and filter out everything but your own voice. On the original Jawbone, the noise canceling technology was called NoiseShield. Well, since the original came out, Aliph has been making improvements to the technology and now it’s called Noise Assassin. Well it lives up to its name and assassinates the heck out of the sounds around me. Callers report that they can’t hear anything around me when the noise canceling is turned on. Also, it’s been redesigned and compared to the original Jawbone (or really even most headsets around) it’s much smaller (about half the size of the original). It’s so light that you can even use it without an earloop (I definitely do).

My only real annoyance with the original Jawbone, excepting the size was the way that the earpieces fit onto the headset. After a few months of carrying the Jawbone around in my bag, the earpiece just started falling off and I would have to put it back on every time I wanted to use the headset. No problems like that here, as the earpiece has been completely redesigned and once it’s put on it makes a very clean, flush connection with the headset. Much, much better.

There’s one thing I’ve noticed while using the new Jawbone that I’ve not seen in any other reviews that I’ve read. Since the Jawbone’s main “phone-answer” button is hidden behind the main faceplate of the unit, I found that when I put it in my ear after dialing the phone, I’d inadvertently hang it up because I’d end up pressing the button while trying to push it into my ear. I found that holding it on the top and bottom instead of pushing the side of it works great. Just something to keep in mind.

The new Jawbone will run you $139.99 and is available online at Aliph’s site and pretty much any big box electronics retailer out there. Hilariously, right now Aliph is running a promotion in all of the states that have Hands-Free laws. If you’ve gotten a ticket for breaking that law and enter your state and ticket number, you’ll get $20 off of a new Jawbone.


P.S. Ouch!

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