Scoop Clip.

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The Scoop Clip is a pretty innovative little item that amounts to two, or even 3 tools in one, depending on how you count them. It’s a bag clip that has measuring cups for 1 tbsp. or 1 tsp. of dry ingredients, so if you find the bag of ingredients, you’ve got the measuring cups right there. The Scoop Clip is dishwasher and freezer safe, and will run you $5.


I guess that the proliferation of microblogging services like Twitter kind of calls for a thesaurus that gives you only synonyms shorter than the word you type in.

Also, AT&T suuuucks. Their suckitude has never really affected me until this past weekend, but now I say with gusto that they suuuuck.

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Having tried all of the major cell phone companies, they all “suuuuuck”. At&T has actually been the best of the bunch to me. I am guessing you are having problems with a certain fancy new gadget?

Hahaha, a flip phone LG won’t help me when I’m in the middle of the mall and Waitable goes down, like it did just a few days ago. When you can run an SSH client and remotely restart processes on your LG, give me a, um… call! :P

Yes, I was actually having troubles exchanging money for said fancy new gadget.. AT&T refused to let me buy one for 4 days and couldn’t tell me why.

What sucks in my book is their ever-expanding empire. SBC/At&t/yahoo … not to mention the swaps from Altell to cingular (sp?) and back again that they made in my area! I can’t keep track of who i am paying.

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