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It’s the summer, and it’s hot, especially down here in Louisiana where it’s humid as well. My wife and I have been in search of stores with ICEE machines for awhile now, and until recently we’d found nothing but strings of broken machines and tons of substitutes (Parrot Ice and the like). Finally, this past Friday I found out that a convenience store that I pass up all of the time had an ICEE machine and I swung by to get a couple on my way home.

If this mug does what it says it does, we might not be making an ICEE run for awhile. Apparently you freeze the mug, pour in your drink and it makes a slush in minutes! I’ll definitely be picking one up to check it out, and another if it works.


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Apparently the water inside the mug must be salt water. Since salt water freezes colder than plain water, it’s probably the only way it can turn your beverage into an icy mix. That’s my guess anyways.

Hey Richard, don’t y’all have some good snowball stands around there? I know over here (40 minutes east) we depend on ours like crazy.

I had one of these mugs back when I was a kid. They don’t make the slush as smooth as an ICEE or Slurpee, but it is still pretty good. The ability to make your own flavors is nice, my personal favorite is an A&W Creme Soda slush.

I thought all the Circle K’s around here had ICEEs. I’ve never seen one that didn’t. Not that I’ve done intensive research. But the several I go to on a reguarl basis never dissapoint.

Yeah, Matt, a good snowball is hard to find around these parts. Mmmmm, especially the ones with condensed milk!

Matt- Yeah, we’ve got a few of those on this side of town, but she wanted an ICEE in particular…. You know how that goes…. It doesn’t say anything about needing salt water, although that does make a good bit of sense… For $10 though l, I’m definitely going to find out!

nanC- Hmm, now that I’m thinking about it, we dont seem to have any Circle K’s around here. That could explain the lack of ICEEs. Also, the ICEE website, which supposedly has a list of all places with an ICEE machine, doesn’t have a full list.. That’s pretty lame!

nanC – me and my girlfriend just had a good chocolate snowball in the square in the French Quarter. The one with the Spanish fountain. I had never had a chocolate one, and you the condensed milk made it.

richard – “…. You know how that goes….” oh trust me, i sure do =P

I have a few of these, and they take forever to make slushies. And when they come out, they usually taste like freezer burn. In their defense, however, mine are about 15 years old…haha.

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