Individual Pie Slice Pan.

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This pan (or set of pans, really) trips me out. It lets you construct/bake pies pre-sliced, which makes for less of a pie cutting mess when company comes calling. Most importantly, though, it helps keep the pie filling inside of the pie. Simple idea, elegant design. I like it! It runs $10.95.

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That’s cheap! And those are some big slices! This would be nice for little quiches.

Only problem is your prep and cooking time is going to be like 3 – 5 times as long. Pies are nice like pizza in that you lay down a single crust, layer on your goodies, and put another layer on top if you want. Doing it this way you got to do that 6 times.

Be possibly just as useful to get one of those big segment knives; it looks like a wheel and spokes, but the spokes are thin knife-like metal so that you just press down on the top and it cuts ’em all in perfect sized slices.

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