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Ever since my wife and I moved to our new place, I’ve been looking for a door stopper for my office door that doesn’t suck. I leave it open most of the time, but it seems to be oiled a little too well because it tends to swing slowly closed after awhile. I don’t really like traditional doorstops because they’re big and ugly, and I’d probably end up tripping on one eventually, given the number of times that I walk in and out of the office every day.

Enter the Wedge-It. It’s a piece of molded plastic that wedges in between the door and its frame, over the hinge, and stops it from closing. Totally simple, unobtrusive, and totally worth the $12.50 asking price, I think…. especially since it can be used on pretty much any door. Its ingenious design lets it be used in the way I described above, over the door, or under the door, similarly to a more common doorstop, so you really get 3-in-1. Speaking of 3…if you buy 3, the price drops to $10 each.

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