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I’m alive…Round-Up post!

by Richard

Sorry about falling off the face of the map there for a bit… things have gotten quite crazy lately. I have been keeping track of a host of amazingly cool things though, so here are several!

Magnetic Vases – These seem like pretty nifty trick vases to have around, especially outside on a windy day. They are very slim and don’t really seem like they’d stand up very well on their own… it’s a good thing that they have wide, thin magnetic bases that sit underneath them and can work through tablecloths & placemats!

FoodFeed – tell the world what you’re eating today, via Twitter.

Fuelly – Lets you share and compare your vehicle’s MPG with others… I think this is cool but probably will personally never use this because then I’ll realize all over again how much I’m spending at the pump.

Identical twins marry, give birth to identical twins… Yep.

Golden Shellback is a treatment that weatherproofs pretty much anything… Watch the demo videos, it’s crazy!

SEXY PEOPLE This link is safe for work, minus the title. It’s a collection of unfortunate portraits, sometimes sent by the photo subjects themselves!

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