AblePlanet Wireless Headphones.

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I got a chance recently to try out the wireless headphones from AblePlanet, and have been using them pretty regularly for a couple of weeks. AblePlanet has developed technology named LINX AUDIO, which allows you to listen to audio clearly without having to turn the sound up as much as you’d normally need to. Infrared, which is the technology that most remote controls work on is definitely a different spin on wireless headphones that I’m used to… Similar to remote controls, they work on line-of-sight, so for best performance, you need to be within visual range of the transmitter. What you lose in range, as compared to wireless headphones with a radio receiver, you gain in audio clarity and lack of interference. I’ve found the sound to be quite clear and crisp while using it to watch some episodes of Alias on DVD and to listen to some music/podcasts from iTunes. In short, they sound great!

There is an independent volume dial and a power button conveniently located on the headphones themselves, which I’ve found to be easy to find and use without taking the headphones off. The headphones are bundled with a transmitter that includes 2 inputs: one pair of RCA inputs and a 1/8″ headphone style jack. You can switch between the inputs both on the headphones and the transmitter, so you can have multiple audio sources connected and switch between them at will. Also included is a pair of AAA batteries and a hard shell carrying case (the headphones fold for easy storage). These headphones will run you $169.99 directly from AblePlanet.


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