Now Play It.

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Now Play It is a website that features downloadable video song tutorials for bass, guitar, piano, and even vocals. I’ve found the videos to be professionally produced and very informative. They’ve even gotten some of the artists themselves to show you how to play their songs. Each instrument video shows you an overlay of the chords as they are being played, and of course the video shows you technique… it’s like karaoke for guitar players!

The site has over 60 artists now, with more being added all the time, and the selection ranges from more classic rock like the Eagles / Guns N’ Roses to more recent upstarts like Coldplay and Keane. If you’re not quite advanced enough to play by ear, or are just interested in how others or the original artist plays a song, this looks like a cool site to watch. Prices range from £1.99 to £3.99 for each tutorial. There’s also a video podcast where you can get a feel for the quality of their tutorial videos for free.


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