10 Amazing Things to Drink From.

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1. The To Go Vacuum Cup ($49) from Stelton… This insulated cup features a patented rocker stopper which lets you drink from any position around the rim of the cup, just as if you were drinking from a normal glass.

2. Exclusive to the Spanish market is this mineral water bottle from Lanjaron: Every bottle features a model of the Mulhacén mountain from Sierra Nevada, Spain at the bottom, to convey a sense of purity and the natural origin of the brand.

3. The Coke Can Shaped Glass Set ($20 for a set of 6) is a glass set styled to look like the classic can of Coca-Cola®.

4. The Squishy Bowl set ($16.99) is a bowl and cup made of silicone that you can put pretty much anywhere and always have a bowl and cup at the ready (especially important for those of us in shared office space). Of course, they’re microwavable and dishwasher safe. Also available: Squishy Shot Glasses! ($8.99)

5. I Am Not A Paper Cup. ($19.99) Hmm… looks like a disposable coffee cup, but is made from porcelain with a silicone lid. You won’t be throwing this one away anytime soon!

6. The Stacked! Coffee Cup ($12.99), for those among us who can’t seem to get enough coffee in the morning.

7. How about the ol’ Pick Your Nose party cups ($8.99 for 12)? Literally, you pick a nose from the side of a cup so that drinking from it produces hilarious results.

8. InsideOut Collection Liqueur Glass Set (set of 2 for $48). These are mouth-blown glasses which, when filled with a colored liquid give the impression of a glass within a glass.

9. Radiator Mug ($24.00). Insipired by radiators, Stephen Reed designed this mug that keeps your hand away from the mug to keep it from bring burned.

10. I still really want these Ctrl-Alt-Del cups but as far as I know, they are still not being sold. The day that they are available cannot come too soon.

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