Epson Artisan 700.

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Epson sent along their Artisan 700 recently for me to check out, and man, I am so impressed with this printer! I must admit, I was skeptical about reviewing an inkjet printer, because I just didn’t believe in them… The price of ink cartridges is so high that generally I recommend that friends and family just buy a new printer instead of new cartridges when they run out of ink, or just to buy a laser printer from the start. Not so with this printer (it uses 6 different cartridges, and comes with all 6, which helps cut way down on having to buy a whole new ink cartridge when you run out of only one color, and they are only about $10 each.) I’ve also been recommending that they don’t buy all in one machines that do printing, scanning and faxing, because generally one of those components suffers. Also not so with this printer. It scans at 2400 dpi, with 48 bit color, and the prints are stellar.

From the time I unpacked the printer box, I could tell that this was going to be different. The printer is compact, glossy, and very well designed. When not in use, everything can be flipped down, slid in and tucked away, to save space. The information panel on top can be rotated and locked into a number of positions so that you can easily see it no matter how high or low you put it.

The Artisan 700 has both wired ethernet and wireless 802.11b/g capabilities as well as good ol’ USB. I tested all of them, and they all worked well… I ended up settling on wired ethernet since it is sitting 3 feet from out router, and it’s worked just fine on all of our computers since then. If you decide to go wireless, though, you can pretty much put this printer anywhere near a power outlet and it’ll work great!

What else? My first test of this printer was to try to print a few photos from a memory card, without having it set up or plugged into anything but a wall outlet. It supports 19 different types of memory cards, USB flash drives, and even certain digital cameras plugged right into its USB port. I used a first generation iPod shuffle plugged into the USB port, and was able to easily browse, select, copy, crop and print photos without reading the manual or setting the printer up with a computer. And the prints… the prints come out quickly and are gorgeous! They matched exactly what I saw onscreen. Of course, since it’s a printer with a scanner built in, it also makes copies.

Any printer can print a CD/DVD label that you can peel and stick onto a disc, but the Artisan takes it one step further. There’s actually a disc tray that you can extend with the press of a button. You place a disc with a printable white top on it, snap it into place, and the Artisan pulls it in and prints right on the disc. Amazing!

In summary, I would highly recommend and will be recommending the Artisan series from Epson. The Artisan 700 lists at $199, but is available at Amazon and other retailers for $149 right now. Its big brother, the Artisan 800 adds double the scanner resolution, a larger LCD screen, a touch panel instead of buttons, faxing, a 30 page Automatic Document Feeder for the copier/scanner/fax. It retails at $419, but is available on Amazon and at other retailers from $229 to $250.


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