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by Richard

WordLocks were made for this site. In this world that is more and more computerized and interconnected, we type in passwords more and more each day. Why not make locks based on words instead of numbers? Enter WordLock. It’s a series of locks that come in 4 different models… TSA approved luggage locks, bike locks, padlocks and cable locks, and which let you make 4 and 5 letter words that unlock your lock. There are between 10,000 and 100,000 possible words, depending on which lock you get, and of course you can make acronyms as well.

I’ve been playing with these locks for the past few days, and they are every bit as cool as they sound. I especially like how easy it is to set a new word as the combination on the padlocks… just open the lock, turn a dial on the outside about 15 degrees with a coin, set the lock to your new word, and turn the dial back. They are pretty darn fun even just to play with. If you want to pick one of these up, they run between $10 and $20, depending on the lock.

Want one? Leave a comment below and at the end of the day, I’ll put all the names in a hat, pull 4 out and have a WordLock sent out to each person. Genius!


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17 Responses to “WordLock.”

  1. Jim Hazzard Says:

    I’d love to try a wordlock. Be great for my gym.

  2. yachris Says:

    I’ll take one for free :-) I’m a computer geek so I’d love to put the letters on the rings through online dictionaries to see how many “real” words there are in those 100,000 possibilities.

  3. Another Jim Says:

    Just think how secure these are when the word is chosen by one of us lysdexics!

  4. Capital J Says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for a long time but never left any comments. One of my resolutions was to start getting more involved in the blogging communities that I’ve only been looking at through the window. The majority of the products and links that you review are spot on just like the Wordlock. It’s funny that in a world where people are reduced to numbers we change our numerical lock combinations into words.

  5. Adam Says:

    Same here, Capital J. The only problem is I’m supposed to be writing for this site…
    Don’t worry, Richard, I got a couple coming up…
    But a WordLock would be extra motivation ;)

  6. Richard Says:

    Capital J: Very astute observation! I agree.

    Another Jim: Lysdexics? HIlarious!

  7. Christina Says:

    sounds like a handy thing to have! I’ve had to throw a couple bike locks away because I’d forgotten the code.

  8. Michael Says:

    OK, I’m game. And thanks for the site, it’s been fun and suggestively useful. I especially like the times when some product you feature gives me an idea, and I realize, “Oh, I could do that with this thing I already have!” Nice gift suggestions, too, and a good balance of products and web features. Have a great year!

  9. Matt Hodder Says:

    I’m usually a lock and key guy- but looks neat!

  10. Richard Says:

    Adam: funny!

    Michael: Thanks for reading. I’m really glad that FreshArrival has been useful to you. Tell your friends!

  11. TechTalk WRLR 98.3FM Says:

    cool! throw me in the hat pal, and glad you seem to be back more regularly from the intermittent hiatus status you were in!

  12. Ariyo Says:

    Wow, I would love to try this lock. throw me in the hat too! Genius!…

  13. justin Says:

    holla at ya boy

  14. Peggy Says:

    I’d love to have one of these. Can’t justify buying one though this soon after Christmas, so I’ll try this. I’m 56 years old and I’ve never won anything in my life so you’re all pretty safe, I guess.

  15. Hal Says:

    Good idea, but it still limits the number of letters. Would be nice to have some flexibility about length, but this is a good start! Thanks for the tip.

  16. Jillian Says:

    Count me in! Looks neato…Of course, it would take me forever to decide on a word, then I’d probably forget it! =)

  17. Adventurous Wench women's travel Says:

    Wow, the luggage lock looks neat. I could surely use of one these in my travels. Count me in!