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by Richard

Flexicord is a pretty amazing invention, recently announced at CES. Basically, it’s just all of the cables we know and love (component, composite, ethernet, USB, etc) with cable management built in to get rid of those cable messes that result when you have a bunch of cables plugged into something. They also seem like they’d be good for dropping into a briefcase or bag because they’re easily coiled up. Flexicords allow you to fit a 10 foot cable into a one foot space. Pretty neat idea! Too bad we can’t buy them yet. What kind of company shows up to CES with a website that you can’t buy their product from? Hmm.


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3 Responses to “Flexicord.”

  1. Robert Lee Says:

    These are available for purchase now at but are on backorder until 02/14/09.

  2. Ted Crews Says:

    Greetings Richard,

    First of all, thank you for the positive review of our new Flexicord products. The Flexicord was very well recieved at CES, and we’re certain that it will be a success (judging by the number of websites that are discussing the product).

    To answer your question – the Flexicord was ready to showcase at CES just in time for the show, but the minute details of the website content were not finalized by the time we got to Las Vegas. And we couldn’t let this prevent us from showcasing the Flexicord, because we knew we had a hot product on our hands.

    The website information will be updated & completed shortly. And thank you again for your review of our product!

    Best regards,

    Ted Crews
    Account Manager
    Efilliate, Inc
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

  3. Capital Chay Says:

    I thought that the longer the cord and also being coiled causes greater resistance. I prefer short and straight cords. On the other hand, these would be ideal for portability.