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Eikon To Go.

by Richard

UPEK sent along their new Eikon To Go ($42 on Amazon) for me to check out, and it’s pretty darn cool. It allows you to use any of your fingers to log in or otherwise authenticate yourself on your computer. It’s tiny (about the size of a normal USB flash drive) with a slide-out USB port to make it even more compact. It works with PC and Mac, although the PC version is a lot more fully featured than the Mac version (their PR gal told me that the Mac version will receive a substantial update this month.) It lets you “enroll” as many fingers as you want to allow you to use your fingers to do all sorts of nifty things. For example, there’s the obvious one: letting you log into your computer with a swipe of the finger. The Eikon To Go isn’t a one trick pony though. It allows you to encrypt and decrypt folders and files, log into websites automatically, launch applications with the swipe of a finger, and even switch between logged in users.

If for some reason you need to unlock things manually, there’s the ability to enter a backup password so that you’ll always have access to your computer/data. Also, the DPM doesn’t store your actual fingerprints in the system, but uses some fancy math to store a pattern that is compared against your finger when you swipe it across the sensor.

In my experience, I found that both the software and device worked exactly as I expected, without a hitch in the process at all. Once I enrolled my selected fingers, logging into the computer, locking and unlocking files and logging into websites using Firefox just worked. That’s what I like best about this device… it does what it does well and then gets out of the way.


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2 Responses to “Eikon To Go.”

  1. Dana Says:

    Can you use the Same Eikon to go device on both the Mac and on PCs. Or are 2 different Eikon To Go devices required?

  2. Richard Says:

    I’m fairly sure that you can use the same one on a PC or Mac, provided you install the proper software on each.