No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror.

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The No Blind Spot Mirror lets you see a full 5 lanes of traffic, and is used by police officers and race car drivers to get as clear a view of the road as possible. The first thing that people will notice about this mirror, upon getting into your car is how big it is. However, it’s big for a reason. It’s like the difference between fullscreen and widescreen movies, and it’s striking. What does that width get you? An amazing view of the road, that’s what!

Normally, you’d have to turn your head and look out of a side rear window to see if anything is in your blind spot, but this mirror lets you see out of the back and side windows all at once. It requires no tools to install… instead, it simply clips over your existing mirror. When a car does manage to get out of your field of vision in the mirror, it’s already in your peripheral vision. I love this mirror. It definitely does do exactly what it says, and does it well. It will run you $59.95 if you’d like to pick one up.


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