Pivotal Podium.

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Previously I reviewed the NAJA King and PED3, which are some pretty cool iPhone/iPod touch stands. The Pivotal Podium raises the game. The model that I’ve been testing has a base made of steel (with a polished nickel finish), which gives it some solid weight so that it doesn’t move around when you use the device.

What’s best about the Podium is the feature that gives it its name: pivoting. All of the other iPhone/iPod touch stands that I’ve seen only let you rotate the device 360 degrees on one axis. The Podium has a unique ball and socket mechanism which lets you easily tilt the device in whatever direction/angle you want. It’s the type of feature that you don’t realize that you will really find useful until you try it or see it in action.

I’ve been using the Podium to hold my iPhone while testing apps that I’m developing, during conference calls and to watch the occasional video podcast, and have found it to be a great way to keep my phone off of my desk and in a great position for the task at hand. If you want the absolute best stand for your iPhone/iPod, I would highly recommend this one.


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