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Recently, I had an idea for a cool new web app. As usual, about a week and a half later, I’d built it, and then Chris designed it. It’s out now, and it’s called LyricSift. There are lots of applications out there that help people to discover new music out there, but they all generally revolve around recommendations made based on music that you already listen to. That’s good, but it also limits you to discovering new music within the same genres/types that you already listen to. LyricSift is different, and is based around what we think is a great new way to discover new music (discovering songs/artists based on their lyrical content). Words are powerful, and I believe that a few really good lines in a song can change your life. You’ve got 160 characters. :)

We’re pretty proud of what we’ve built, and we can’t wait for people to start really loading it up with lyrics. Please check the site out, discover some new lyrics, and put in some of your favorites. With the help of some friends, we’ve seeded the lyrics database with some of the lyrics that we love, but we really need help to fill up our database. I’ve even built a bookmarklet that lets you select lyrics from a web page and send them straight to LyricSift. It’s available on the site, under the “Submit New Lyric” section.

I’ve also written an iPhone app for LyricSift which lets you get new lyrics and preview the songs right on your iPhone. I’ll announce here when it becomes available in the App Store. As always, let me know what you think of it! Rock on.


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