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Lippi Selk’Bag.

by Richard

The Lippi Selk’Bags remind me of our old friend the Slanket, but for your whole body, in sleeping bag form! Nice.

VISIT SITE or Amazon

The Ten Minute Racoon Butt Shelf is hilarious. That’s all I’m saying. Quite safe for work!

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2 Responses to “Lippi Selk’Bag.”

  1. Phil Benson Says:

    The website you have listed for the Selk’bag is actually a UK based retailer. The Selk’bag is made by Lippi Outdoor ( of
    Santiago, Chile! It is a product of Rodrigo Alonso of Musuc (!

  2. Beth Says:

    This suit was in Moon with Sam Rockwell. At the SXSW premier, the director came out on stage in it. Pretty funny.