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Design, Kitchen, Tools by Richard

Slice is a relatively new company which was founded less than one year ago. So far, they have 6 products on the market, with 20 more in development, from several different famous designers. They have a full line of slicing and cutting products that are well designed and thought out. Our favorite is the precision cutter, which is definitely a neat spin on the old X-Acto knife. The blades on their cutting products are made of ceramic, which has some properties that I was surprised to discover. Ceramics last 10x longer than steel, never rust, are 10x sharper than steel, and are second in hardness only to diamonds. Pretty cool stuff. We got to play with a number of the Slice products, and they all work very well, slicing through everything we threw at them with ease.

The company was founded to help fund autism research, as the founder’s son is autistic, and a percentage of all sales is donated to autism research. Why not slice for a good cause?


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