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I’ve been using a Flipside Wallet for over a week now as my main wallet, and I’ve found it to be an intriguing new wallet that definitely flips the perception of what a wallet should be on its head. The first that you’ll notice will probably be that it is made out of a combination of polymer plastic and aluminum instead of leather or some other fabric, and of course that it’s rigid, due to the materials that it’s made out of. I’ve found it to be a pretty capable wallet for everyday use, with a couple of minor issues. The wallet has RFID shielding built in which is great, given that more and more cards are coming with those chips built in now, and along with those chips come a whole new set of privacy concerns. It’s also magnetically shielded, so it stops your cards from being demagnetized by speakers and other magnetic objects.

The Flipside is spring-loaded, so you slide a switch on the side of the wallet and it pops open and holds itself in that position so that you can easily go through the contents of your wallet. In my experience, I found that the spring was perhaps too “loaded”, as every now and then I’d flip the wallet open and it’d nearly pop right out of my hand. It does work as advertised, though, and stays open until you close it. Once open, it’s very easy to go through your cards and remove the one you want by just sliding them out of their transparent compartments. Since it closes completely, it keeps your cards safe (once a typical leather wallet stretches, it becomes loose in places, and you have to be careful to not lose the contents of your wallet). This isn’t an issue at all with the Flipside.

Having all of these features packed into a wallet makes it noticeably thick (11/16ths of an inch), but I’m sure as time goes on and technology advances, the Flipside will get thinner. I was a little taken aback by its thickness at first, but then put it next to my current wallet and found that my wallet was actually thicker in most places than the Flipside. If you have a normal sized wallet, I don’t think you’ll have any trouble adjusting to the Flipside’s size.

The Flipside even comes with a 1 year warranty which covers repair and/or replacement, should the Flipside cease to function properly, so you can buy with confidence, knowing that you’re covered if you ever have issues. It comes in 4 colors and is $40, which is about what you’d expect to pay for a good wallet made of any other material. It’s literally a solid wallet!


also, This is the most impressive business card I’ve ever seen, it’s mine! :)

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