The Guitar Hanger.

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This is such an obvious idea, I can’t believe that no one’s brought it to market until now. I have 2 guitars on traditional stands taking up floor space in my office, but a walk-in closet with plenty of empty hanger space. Having your guitars hanging in a place where a door closed would keep them less dusty as well, I think. Nice.


This reminds me so much of A Walk to Remember… so sad, but such a good story. Katie went out on her own terms, and got to marry the man of her dreams before she did. It’s a good reminder not to take a moment for granted.

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Well… don’t forget the best part about instruments is showing them off! I own 4 electrics and 2 acoustics and also had space issues. I used a gladiator geartrack section and they have a utility hook that fits most guitar necks. So it almost looks like a display from a music store. I was able to hang 4 guitars on a 4 or 5 foot section of track. It cost me roughly $40-50.

Try having a baby and then see how that goes… haha

Ok, what I meant was … “.. best part about storing instruments…”

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