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Kickstarter is a new site that lets people with ideas to get their projects… um… kickstarted! The person with the idea posts it and some sort of incentive for people to fund the idea. A time limit and a funding amount is set. Anyone can then pledge money to the project. If the funding amount is not reached when the time limit is up, no money is disbursed. The cool thing here is that unlike typical investments, the creator of the project retains 100% ownership and control of it. Great idea! I’ve already run into it at least once before: I was looking for some icons for an iPhone app that I’m writing, and there was a Kickstarter page set up for them.


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Kickstarter is gaining momentum and I think it has a lot to do with the simplicity of the experience from both sides; people looking to pledge as well as creatives promoting their projects.

I just posted my first digital arts project called “Organic Industry” and I am excited to watch it spark to life over the next couple of months.

Check it out:

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