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I don’t know about you, but sites like these make me drool. What could be cooler than a printer that can replicate anything you want? Break a chess piece? Print a new one. Don’t have the right wrench for the job? Forget the store, just make it yourself.

Today, virtually everyone in the developed world runs their own printing works, their own photographic laboratory, and their own CD-pressing plant. Moving from two-dimensions to three, why shouldn’t they also make their own MP3-players, their own coat hooks, and their own car wing mirrors?

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. These machines cost upwards of $15,000, and although some design agencies and engineering firms wouldn’t hesitate to spend money on a tool like this, your everyday Joe the Plumber would prefer to buy a car.

RepRap (short for Replicating Rapid-prototyper) can make parts similar to the more expensive guys, for about $1000. Still expensive, but much more reachable for the hobbyist. But wait, there’s more!

The “Rep” in RepRap stands for “Replicating”, and that’s exactly what it can do. The point of the RepRap is to replicate up to 60% of its parts on its own for use in another RepRap machine, which in turn can create those same parts to create another, and another, and another, until the world is crawling with RepRaps. Using a RepRap machine means you can make another RepRap for about $800. The goal of the RepRap project is to build a more functional, more powerful, and less expensive device – which means, with your help ad support, the possibilities are limitless (as long as they’re made of plastic).

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