LED Faucet Lights.

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ThinkGeek was gracious enough to send a few things down for us to check out. One of them was the LED Faucet Lights, which I initially thought would be a neat party trick/gimmick. I was surprised to find that they’re actually useful. The principle behind this gadget is pretty simple: light a stream of water up with LEDs as it passes through them. This creates a nifty effect that makes it looks like the water is colored. This effect is especially pronounced in the dark, but it is easily visible in the light as well.

Installation was a snap, as all of the hardware that you’ll need to put this on any standard USA faucet is included… filter, adapters, extra batteries… the works! It took me all of 2 minutes to get this thing onto the faucet, counting the time it took to open the package (of course, I was using the Zibra Open-It). One thing to note is that this adapter is a bit longer than most faucet filters, so just be mindful that you may have difficulty getting jugs or similar things underneath it… We didn’t have too much trouble, but I could see that being an issue for some people. It’s fairly compact, though.

There are 2 versions of the lights.. one that only illuminates in blue, and the one that I installed, which is the temperature sensitive version. I’d say if you’re going to spend the money, the extra $5 is worth it. This version changes color from blue to red when the water passing through it is 89 degrees or above. I thought that simple addition made it useful, because sometimes you just don’t want to put your hands under the cold water. With the faucet lights, you’ll know exactly when the water’s hot. Pretty neat! They’ll run you $14.95 for just blue, or $19.95 for blue/red.


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