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My wife is an avid reader (I sadly don’t get to read books as much as I used to) so when we got the LightWedge, of course testing the device fell to her. It’s an innovative book light/bookmark that lights up an entire page using 2 LEDs and an acrylic lens to illuminate a book uniformly without to much light leakage. She was impressed with the design, pointing out little niceties like the fact that the LightWedge has a protrusion that lets it hook to books without sliding around.

She wished that the LightWedge came with a carrying case (one is available, but not included) , especially since the bulk of this product is made out of clear acrylic, which gets smudged and scratched pretty easily. Also, The LightWedge doesn’t *quite* illuminate the entire page evenly. This can probably be fixed by adding one more LED to the LightWedge.

Other than that, it seems like a pretty solid, amazing device that would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to read.


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