The Magical Kymera Wand.

Design, Gadgets, Humor by Richard

The Kymera Wand is a hilarious new product that combines a very useful product (a universal remote control), with something that will appeal to lots of people who pay attention to popular culture (namely Harry Potter and the associated wizardry). It works via a combination of gestures and vibration to make you feel like you’re controlling your TV with magic. Hilarious.


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The Kymera Wand Community site is in the making at Working together with the genius wand makers Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesley of The Wand Company Ltd. we want to provide a place where wand users can get the latest information, share their experiences and stories and discuss anything related to the Kymera Wand. The wandmakers intend to handle their customer care forums and share news and information via our site.

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