PermaFLOW Drain.

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When I buy a house, I definitely want to invest in a few of these. Someone had the bright idea to stick a wheel with blades inside of a transparent pipe and made this really cool product. If anything clogs the pipe, it’s not there for long. You don’t need chemicals, a plunger, or even a plumber to clear a pipe, or even to retrieve an object from the pipe. It’s ingeniously designed so that even if you have a low-flow faucet, it can generate a surge of water powerful enough to flush objects out of the pipe. Even if you have a crazy issue where the pipe has to be removed and repaired manually, in the meantime you can still run water through it due to an ingenious bypass that lets water run through a top chamber. $20? If you have a house, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.


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