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If you have an iPad and you love to browse your friends’ photos on Flickr and/or Facebook, you will love Flickpad. I saw the demo video and bought it immediately. Browsing my friends’ photos on Facebook.com, Flickr.com, subscribing to a Flickr RSS feed, or even using the iPhone apps that I’ve tried before just didn’t cut it. This is the only way that I’ll be browsing those photos from here on out.

Flickpad is one of those apps that can only be done on a device like the iPad, literally letting you touch, flick, tap, slide, and zoom your photos. It’s full of great little touches that show that a lot of work has gone into it. For instance, if you flick a photo off of the screen, it’s marked as viewed. If you flick a photo off of the screen with 2 fingers, it marks all photos from that person as viewed (this is good for times where someone uploads 100 pictures of their trip to a bread factory).

If you tap and hold a photo, you get different options. You can save photos right to the iPad, email them, favorite them on Flickr, comment on them on both Facebook and Flickr, and even favorite them on the device itself. When you’re done browsing photos for a particular day or week, you’re given 2 boxes filled with photos… one holds all photos that you’ve seen for that time period, and one holds all photos that you’ve favorited for that time period. So good, and highly recommended. It’s $6.99 on the App Store.


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