Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock – Band Bundle

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In 2006, analog sticks and shoulder buttons gave way to fret boards and whammy bars when Activision unleashed the Guitar Hero franchise onto the video game scene. Whether it be the adolescent perfectionist in the confines of his dark bedroom looking to secure face-melting 100% accuracy on Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” or the raucous atmosphere of a college party in which blurry-eyed freshmen bob their heads along with ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man,” Guitar Hero allowed gamers to throw their caution and petty differences into an ocean of rock fans blanketing a virtual arena as they rocked along one sizzling riff at a time. Four years and 16 titles later, the Guitar Hero franchise finds itself up against Electronic Arts’ behemoth Rock Band in a market where the term “over saturation” is the elephant in the room. Does Activision’s latest offering, Warriors of Rock, give the franchise a chance to fight another day, or is it time for a farewell tour?

At first glance, the gamer immediately notices that Warriors of Rock takes a specifically thematic approach to its presentation. Players are invited to “join the quest to save rock,” and along with their band mates, embark on a quest-driven campaign from smoky bars to fiery mythical chasms, overcoming various challenges and unlocking characters. The narration of KISS’ Gene Simmons accompanies a 90-song spectrum ranging from catchy pop hits to skull-rattling metal cuts. The decision to design an epic, fantastical campaign is an admirable one, as such themes tap into the guitar-driven spirit that gave the Guitar Hero franchise its fame.

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