Quasicon 2P vs. X-Arcade Tankstick: The Review.

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*NOTE: After this post went online, X-Arcade contacted me and asked if they could send a third Tankstick down for me to try with my PS2. I agreed, and said that I would post my findings here. The X-Arcade they sent me this time does actually work with both my PS2 and my PC.*

I love videogames… racing, fighting and first-person shooters in particular. In college, I bought a Dreamcast (best console ever) and SoulCalibur (best fighting game ever) and played my roommates until our thumbs went numb. Nothing compares to the feel of real arcade buttons and an arcade stick for really getting into a game though. To deliver an experience that’s as true to the arcade as possible, you’ve got to get a real arcade-style controller. We got our hands on the only real contenders in home arcade controllers that I know of, the X-Arcade Tankstick and the Quasicon 2P from Quasimoto.

The Tankstick is a solidly built, 20lb beast of a controller, which is good because you don’t want your controller sliding all over the floor when you really get into a game. It’s got a full set of 8 arcade-style buttons and a true arcade stick for each player, and even includes a huge trackball for those games that you can’t play without one, like Tiger Woods PGA Tour™, Marble Madness™, and Centipede™ . The Tankstick is a universal controller… it includes cables to connect it to computers via USB, but individual adapters are available to connect it to just about every major console out there… Playstation, PS2, Two, Xbox, Wii, Gamecube and Dreamcast.

In my experience, I never did get the PS2 adapter to work with the Tankstick. X-Arcade was more than helpful, and sent multiple Tanksticks and multiple PS2 adapters over. However, I tried it with multiple PS2s (both the old and new style), and multiple games. Nothing. I don’t know what was up with that. It worked like a charm when plugged into my PC though, and controlled anything I threw at it with ease.

Quasimoto sent their Quasicon 2P over, and I’ve been checking it out as well. The Quasicon is Quasimoto’s answer to the X-Arcade Tankstick, and I must say that it is more

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