Coffee Joulies.

Fresh looks, Kitchen, Useful Things by Richard

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen something worth posting about on FreshArrival. I see so much new stuff every day, but not much seems worthy these days. This, however is the kind of thing that FA was made to highlight. Coffee Joulies are a new project that is genius and well-deserving of being turned into a full product. Ever make a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea and burn your mouth trying to drink it, or leave it sitting too long and have it get too cold, or feel forced to drink it quickly, while it’s at the right temperature, or really need your caffeine fix but have to wait until your beverage has cooled enough for you to consume? Coffee Joulies aim to solve all of these problems, and they just need a little help getting off of the ground. It’s currently a Kickstarter project, but these guys have already proven that they can make them into a real product, so please help them out!


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