FreshArrival: The 2008 Redesign.

FreshArrival by Richard

Where to begin? Oh, I know! Chris Coyier and I have felt that the FreshArrival design needed some updating for awhile now. I mean, the word “fresh” is in our name, and we it would not look good for us not to live up to that, so we try to update the design every year or so. This time, Chris did pretty much all of the heavy lifting, updating our logo, mocking the design up in Photoshop, putting up with my critiques, and then developing the HTML and CSS so that I just had to worry about connecting the backend code to his design. I can’t thank him enough for that. He’s really turned into a CSS guru of late who many people look to for advice, and if you’re a web designer you’d do well to add his site to your feed reader of choice.

On to the design itself. You’ll notice that everything you love about FreshArrival is still in place… having only one post on the front page is pretty much how we do things. I think there’s no better way to highlight a product, design, website or other featured item than to make it the sole focus for the day. A couple of things to point out: Since we’ve been around a few years (we’re going to hit 1000 posts soon!) we have an extensive archive that is full of things that we think are awesome. Our new Random Article feature pulls from our archives every time you visit the front page and shows you something that may pique your interest, or reminds you of something awesome that you may have forgotten. FreshFavorites is a new section where we will be highlighting some of our favorite products… only my faves are there now, but our writers are getting their lists together and I’ll post here when theirs are up.. from time to time, we’ll go through and update them.

Also, we have a redesigned widget to go along with the new design. You can download it on the Subscribe Now page.

Hope you enjoy the new features/design. If anything seems amiss, or if you just like the design, please let us know.

As always, thanks for reading FreshArrival. We appreciate every one of you supporting our labor of love.

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