World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

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So this is a little off the mark as far as FreshArrival posts go. It has nothing to do with good design, it isn’t a techie gadget and the “wow factor” is dependent on your idea of a good time. But I am so happy I stumbled across this website that I wanted to share. Basically it connects people who run organic farms with people who want to work on organic farms. In exchange for wading through corn stalks and manure piles for a few months, workers are given free lodging and sometimes a small allowance of sorts, but they aren’t really paid.

Maybe I’m not really selling this thing quite right. Here’s how I see it: Because the listings are world-wide, you could walk away from your mortgage and your cubicle job to live for a year in, say, Brazil or New Zealand for free, all the while learning new skills and getting in touch with the land. Sign me up!

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