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I received a MoviePeg to test out today, and I’ve found it to be an ingenious little invention… While most companies are making pretty awesome full-fledged iPhone stands that look like tiny Apple monitor stands, or that wrap around other objects to position themselves, MagneticNorth has created an iPhone stand that is completely unique and highly portable.

Once you’ve seen it in action, you’ll wonder how you didn’t come up with this idea yourself! It’s just a well designed piece of plastic that can be positioned wherever you’d like to place it on your phone. Where you place it controls the angle of the phone. It’s that simple. I used it tonight to hold my phone while I made biscuits in the kitchen. Some of the batter got on the MoviePeg, and that’s when I realized one of its other major strengths: It wipes clean with no problem. Awesome.

MoviePeg comes in an array of colors, and is available for £4.99 (around $7).


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