Motorola Elite Sliver: The Review.

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I have to admit, I wasn’t super thrilled when I wrote to Motorola hoping to check out the new MOTOACTV and they didn’t have any on hand, but suggested that I check out one of their new Bluetooth headsets. I picked the Elite Sliver, and I’ve been using it ever since. I’ve never been a big Bluetooth headset fan, but this headset has changed my mind. It’s very well designed, placing the bulk of the headset behind the ear, giving it a sleek, almost unnoticeable look (I have black hair and can barely see it at all when I look at myself head-on in a mirror. I guess that explains the name. :)

Previous headsets that I’ve owned have been notoriously difficult to power on and off, due to terrible button placement, so unless I walked around with the headset on at all times (which wasn’t going to happen), it was always difficult to answer the phone via my headset. The Sliver eliminates this problem, because it is easily powered on with a quick turn of the earpiece. There is no power button. It’s an awesomely thought-out user interaction. You then place it on your ear and the headset speaks to you and says that it’s successfully connected, and which phone it’s connected to (by the way, it connects to multiple phones and switches between them just fine, which I believe is a feature of Bluetooth 3.0, which it supports.) The Sliver comes with the usual array of earpieces so that you can adjust the fit for your ear canal size. You can also view the headset’s battery status on your iPhone’s status bar when paired and connected.

The Sliver comes with a charging case that you plug into the wall, then place the headset into. The charging case has its own battery, so you get up to 15 hours of battery power (when fully charged, the headset has more than 5 hours). It also has support for A2DP, so you can listen to Bluetooth streaming audio. I have been using it to listen to podcasts around the house and while walking the dog, and it’s worked great.

The one complaint that I have is that the charger doesn’t come with a USB cable for charging. It’d be nice if I could plug the headset directly into my laptop or the USB port in my car and charge it. The fact that it comes with a battery pack in the cradle makes this a lot less of an issue though.


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