The Time Zone Converter.

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One of the ways that I know that I’m growing up is that when I have an idea for something, Google it and find out that someone has already built it, I’m excited rather than annoyed that someone has beaten me to the punch. A great example of this is the The Time Zone Converter. I was just thinking that someone should build a time zone converter that is simple to use and just lets you convert between two times without a bunch of fuss. Periodically I find myself wanting to convert from one time zone to another but I’ve never found something that works seamlessly without me having to think of what city is in which time zone and which just lets me effortlessly convert from one time zone to another.

Tonight, I found The Time Zone Converter. It lets you just type a time, two time zones, (which it helps you auto complete) and it fills in the other time for you automatically. There’s even a Mac widget available! Super easy, super useful.


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