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I've been absolutely overwhelmed with the internet's response to my request for photos. Thanks so much guys. At last count there were 2,268 photos tagged with "slickrframe". Keep them coming!

I'm definitely not the first person to build a digital picture frame, but I haven't seen anyone do this project in particular yet:

I built a digital picture frame out of an old laptop awhile back. It now sits on a shelf in my office where I can see it while I work. The frame uses a great, recently open-sourced app called Slickr to stream photos from Flickr directly to itself via wifi all day and night. It never gets turned off.

I've always wanted to have a public window out to the internet where anyone could write me a note, say hello, or share something cool with me... originally I was going to hook one of those scrolling LED displays up to the web, but I haven't gotten the chance to do that yet, so I'm opening up my picture frame to the public, dubbing it SlickrFrame (with permission from Gabe, of course.) and setting forth one and only one rule: Upload any photo that you would like to your Flickr account and tag it "slickrframe".

Say hello! Write me a note! Show me your favorite pictures or what you're doing today. Send in a tip via photo for FreshArrival. It will appear on my picture frame. I will love you for it.

From time to time I will pick out photos that particularly stand out to me and link them up here as well as snap a picture of them being displayed in the frame. That way you can see the most awesome photos as they are displayed in the frame. You can also browse them all here on Flickr if you'd like.

Thanks in advance.


P.S. I'm not really anyone special... not an internet rock star by any means... I just hope enough people will be willing to do this that I'm not looking at the same 5 pictures for the rest of the year :)

P.P.S. You can reach me at tips@fresharrival.com, if you'd like.

P.P.P.S. The picture above was taken by Derek Powazek of JPG fame.


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