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The SlickrFrame contest is over! Five winners have been picked by the readers of Gizmodo. Here they are:

Grand Prize: Stairwell by apleshampo4life, with 18.1% (163 votes)

2nd place: Commodore Barry Bridge from the Air by MikeNeilson with 17.0% (153 votes)
3rd place: DC2006-8 by xtol, with 13.0% (117 votes)
4th place: west oakland by Shaun Roberts, with 9.2% (83 votes)
5th place: Crossover by pk-Images, with 5.3% (48 votes)

I'd like to thank our fantastic sponsors as well... simplehuman, JPG Magazine, Griffin, Zune (c/o Girlie Action), Sling Media, XGAMING, FreeStyle Audio, Audioengine, Belkin, Logitech and Lapinator. You guys are awesome!


FreshArrival and Gizmodo are teaming up for a SlickrFrame contest that is out of this world! Here are the details :

You have until 11:59:59, Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 to tag your best Flickr pictures with "slickrframe" for them to be considered. If you already have, you're already entered!

Do not tag more than 50 of your photos without emailing me in advance to let me know that you are doing so. If you do, you'll be disqualified. (I have to go through these pretty much by hand, and if a few people monopolize the tag, some great pictures are sure to be lost in the shuffle.

Keep tagging your best pictures with "slickrframe" as you add them to Flickr in the future... I plan to develop or get someone else to develop some SlickrFrame widgets for the Mac, Yahoo Widgets and even Vista, so everyone can get in on the fun!

We're being sponsored by a fantastic group of companies whose products you may have seen on FreshArrival at different times in the past couple of years: simplehuman, JPG Magazine, Griffin, Zune, Sling Media, XGAMING, FreeStyle Audio, Audioengine, Belkin, Logitech and Lapinator.

There will be 5 winners, and they will receive some fantastic prizes!

Grand prize:
Microsoft Zune & travel pack
1 year JPG magazine subscription
Audioengine 5 speaker system
simplehuman rectangular sensor can (it's awesome!)
Lapinator Plus
Griffin ExpressCard|34 5:1 Card Reader

2nd prize:
Slingbox AV
Belkin SportCommand for iPod
Griffin PowerDuo Travel
Freestyle Audio Sport MP3 player

3rd prize:
Griffin TuneCenter

Belkin conceal surge protector
Griffin iTrip Auto

4th prize:
X-Arcade 2-player controller
Griffin Elevator

5th prize:
Logitech QuickCam Ultra Vision
Belkin CushTop

Here's how the winners will be picked: I'm going to go through all of the photos and pick my 20 favorites... the Gizmodo community will vote on them to get them down to the top 5. I'll pick the winners from those. We'll announce the winners both here and on Gizmodo on Wednesday, April 18th, 2007.

What are you waiting for? Go tag some photos!


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