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How did you build your picture frame? Did you jot down any instructions for making yours?

A: I used the Junktop Revival project from Microsoft's Channel9 as a starting point, and sort of figured it out as I went along. I do have some tips to share: Take absolutely everything out/off of the laptop that you can. Trust me, you want this thing to be as light/thin as possible.

The Channel9 guys used a shadowbox kit that they had to assemble. I found one at Hobby Lobby for around $20 that was already assembled and that my laptop fit into perfectly.. saved me a bit of time there. Heat is also a big factor, especially if you have a laptop like the one I used, which didn't have a very long video cable, so I ended up having to flip it so that the bottom of the laptop was right behind the screen. Since the cooling fans are also on the bottom of the laptop, this had the awesome effect of blowing hot air right across the back of the display... not good. I ended up just finding the thinnest laptop cooler I could find, took it apart and put it between the screen and the bottom of the laptop. It runs much, much cooler now.